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A few years ago my wife (Nancy ) and I spent the Christmas holiday flat on her younger sisters. They were married for about 3 months after a romance with just 6 weeks. As a result, no one knew much about my brother Gary. As usual, my sister Sara had been a great meal and we were all enjoying some relaxing music and drinks. During the tubeland night, Sarah has something to drink too much and went almost on the couch. I could not help noticing that a lot of attention paid to Nancy Gary, wearing a tight blouse and tight skirt short. His legs felt like an eternity, tubeland as he said more than once. Finally, Gary and Sarah went to bed after half an hour, Nancy and I decided to have a slow dance in the dimly lit room. We were both feeling randy and started to undress each other, the perspective has to have sex in a strange house, always on so much. Nancy slowly unbuttoned her blouse showed me her beautiful pert BREAST ( never wears a bra !). I could not resist running my tongue over her nipples. Meanwhile, she has been busy stroking my erection growing through my jeans. Within minutes I was fully erect and despairing, my release Dick - and of course Nancy knelt down and began to do just that. Slowly pulled my pants and underwear, at the same time, jumped on my tail only inches from your lips soft and moist. She has always loved to suck tubeland cock and started at the base and soon licking my shaved balls while slowly running her long sharp claws up and down my shaft. At this point, I managed to lose it on the ground in the classic 69 position, - short skirt pushed me around the waist with my tongue and started their lips through the fabric strap soaked his hair. I took the material on one side and licked her lips, I adjusted my head a little lame to me soft skin between her pussy and tight ass small hole and then LubreICAT ass with my saliva. at the other end had already progressed to a good kiss black and I paid the joy. After a few minutes of this, she finally took the end of my cock into her mouth and out the hole until I felt the back of his throat, you child to suck ! My cock felt like it was going to explode, and I was relieved when she demanded that I 'm almost there and then screwed into the ground. We threw some pillows on the floor and stayed with her as Nancy 's tubeland blouse and skirt open, pushed her thong pulled, she spread her legs - I knelt down and teasing her wet pussy to my down the button, I stroked the shaft with the command - up and down from the clitoris up the ass and back. What a sight - I moved and pushed hard on my balls. I started slowly and let the juices on the cover of my tail all push. I could feel I was tightening the muscles of your vagina while driving my hard cock to fuck in Continuingshe gently lifted her tubeland ass put their feet on the floor and lifted her ass to meet my strokes, I started running her hands over her ass to pay tubeland a lot of attention in the ass and then without warning, pushed one finger in the ass. She went mad and started shaking caused this for myself, my balls empty and fill them with cum as her orgasm through her ​​beautiful body. I lent forward and hugged my beautiful wife. It must have been for a while, when he shaved his cock slowly masturbate straight - At this point, I looked up and saw Gary at tubeland the open door. I was debating what to do, Nancy had not noticed and was down from her orgasm. No matter what he was thinking when I saw her look beyond the door. She got up and tried to cover ! Gary just smiled and said softly : ' Thank you Nancy for the show have you ever heard two cocks to play' is not Nancy prude and quickly replied that he could do that wit, sawh some lubricant on his cock ! No need to ask twice! It was Nancy and she slipped two fingers her pussy when she retired, we could see that she covered in her juices and it was my semen. She said they are in the back and left knee, and leaned my head and began to grind her pussy soaking through my chest. He grabbed my ass with both hands and brought to the mouth of waist forward greedy. I looked at the fabulous views from Gary had his cock in her face, rubbed her spunk covered fingers on the button gently at first and then started to jerk his cock with both hands. His cock was even bigger, soon had the tip of the tongue teased the bright helmet - which led him to take a straw and mocked him for a few minutes good while I licked her pussy clean. Finally, attach the cock and slid her lips bright tubeland red lips covered by axis. I was in heaven at the tip of my tongue dance around close! ass and mouth fully erect penis slid his hands and grabbed her buttocks and slowly separated - I could see he had introduced a finger into the anus and was finger fucking. Mouth is pumped with long, deliberate. The sight of this fact to his dick with one hand on her ass, shoved in my face tubeland began to play with my tail. Gary looked tubeland at the two of us and gave us a cheeky smile and a loud ' OhFuck ' shot his sperm into the mouth of Nancy. tubeland He swallowed some of it got up and gave her a French kiss mouth full of his own value. they knelt on tubeland the tubeland floor beside me and began to stroke my cock now fully erect. I closed my eyes and felt in the mouth take Gary to me a blow almost as good as Nancy, she sat down to look carefully, while rubbing her clit. I got up and took me to finish, I pulled out of the mouth as I came and shot my cum on her innocent face, nice ! byNow it was too late and without a word to all retirees, our own space - fully Shagged Me.
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